Collection: NIAD Gallery Exhibition // "a clearing", organized by Mel Prest

On view April 1 to May 20, 2023

Opening Reception + Artist Walkthrough // April 1, 1 to 4pm

a clearing

Walking down a narrow path, you're surprised as you reach a clearing.

This sudden openness makes you stop short and catch your breath as you begin to absorb the change in landscape.

Works in a clearing beckon, inviting you to enter.

Each artist composes forms evolving from intuitive, rather than predetermined, thinking. In these works, the initial pattern elements break down and fall away, creating an opportunity for something unknown to arise. Overlapping and unpredictable shapes and colors create conversations, inviting viewers to come closer, soften their gaze, release expectations. Through a variety of materials, these artworks attain a color energy using vibrant hues and textures. Optical vibrations and textures rumble as deeper looking opens to a clearing.



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